Enco’s Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 has transformed our way of life significantly and continues to impact our region. Nevertheless, we continue to make paradise possible by working from the office, at home and in the field as permitted.

As leading development consulting specialists and regional leaders in the provision of multidisciplinary design, architecture, environmental, engineering, project management, surveying, drilling, and testing services in the Caribbean, we’ve taken pride in still providing exceptional service in these uncertain times.

We remain committed to and grateful for those projects that have continued and those new exciting projects we are now involved in. We look forward to remobilizing those that were temporarily suspended.

Our staff has worked diligently to maintain project deadlines and budgets while thinking critically about our company’s future. We’ve taken on the opportunities this pandemic presented for innovation and happily expanded into new areas, including sanitization, manufacturing, and farming. Stay tuned for more updates.

Our technology platform and staff have proven capable of supporting this effort and minimizing disruption to project schedules. We encourage you to continue to connect with our team members via email. We remain accessible and responsive as we continue to offer global solutions with local insights.

For the past 15 years, we’ve prided ourselves on the standard of excellence we’ve set to be the go-to team for tailored, innovative engineered solutions throughout the Caribbean. We will continue to remain a vibrant team providing progressive and expert solutions for our client and community needs.

For any questions, concerns or inquiries about new project opportunities, please contact us at info@bebron.com